The host venue is the Yachting Club Portorož. It is located in the Marina of Portorož, situated in the eastern part of the Gulf of Piran, which was formerly used for salt-pans. The clubhouse stands on the waterfront and is appreciated by competitors for the easy access, great facilities and a full scale of services including stores with nautical and sports items, pharmacy, post office, banks, groceries, beauty salon and shops – all within the walking distance!


The Yachting Club Portorož was established at a meeting on January 6, 1982 and the proceedings of this historic conference are still preserved in the club’s premises. From the report it appears that eleven local yachting enthusiasts gathered together and formatted a new sailing club for the good of the town and the amusement of those who visited it.

Today, three decades later, Yachting Club Portorož is renowned as excellent host and event organiser, and the bay of Piran as an exceptional racing venue.

Numerous sailing competitions have been held here over the years, including Tempest World Cup in 1984 and 1987, Star European Open Championship in 1988, Soling European Open Championship in 1993 and Star World Cup in 1998. Recent distinguished racing events organised by the Club include Extreme 40 World Championship and ruthless RC 44 regattas. The last one was attended by 9 of the top 15 helmsmen in the world and was covered by The Sailing Channel TV.

Among the most prominent club members, we find the sailing team Tomaž Čopi-Mitja Margon with two European Championships and a World Vice-Champion title in the International 470 Class. When the duo split in 2001, another success story began. This time in women’s sailing, with Vesna Dekleva and Klara Maučec.

The female crew became European Vice-Champions in 2003, placed fourth at the Athens Olympics, and took bronze at the European Championship in 2008. The results of YCP’s crews still represent a milestone that will be difficult to repeat, let alone exceed.