Make your entry for the Melges 24 premiere event of the season

      Komentarji so izklopljeni za Make your entry for the Melges 24 premiere event of the season

The online process for Melges 24 European Sailing Series opening act is very simple but it will help you (and save you time!) if you read these instructions carefully.

For your initial entry, you will need to complete all questions that are marked with a red asterisk (*). The information you will need is listed below, so do make sure you have this available before you start.

Other information, such as crew details, can be completed later. Once your entry has been accepted, you will be able to return to the entry process and add or update these details at any time before the regatta.

The essential information you need for entering is as follows:

SECTION 1: Boat Details
☑️ Boat name and sail number
☑️ Club
☑️ Class you are entering

SECTION 2: Owner Details
☑️ Owner’s name, surname and age

SECTION 3: Helmsman Details
☑️ Helmsman’s name and surname

SECTION 8: Entrant Contact Details
☑️ Name
☑️ Address
☑️ Phone Number
☑️ Email

SECTION 9: Declaration
☑️ No information needed but must be read

The submission of a completed Entry Form is required at this event.



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