Charting Olympic Waters: The Journey of Lin, Slovenia’s Sailing Sensation

Lin, a 24-year-old Slovenian sailor, is charting her course towards Olympic glory in the challenging waters of ILCA 6. From her humble beginnings in 2010, Lin’s journey with the Slovenian Sailing Team has been a testament to her tenacity and skill.

Her sailing odyssey commenced in the Optimist class, where she first dipped her toes into the world of competitive sailing. Over the years, Lin honed her craft, transitioning to the Laser 4.7 class before ultimately finding her stride in the Laser Radial/ILCA 6 category in 2015. Along this journey, she’s amassed an impressive array of accolades, including a silver medal at the U16 European Championship in Laser 4.7, and has been recognized as Slovenia’s most promising young sailor by the Slovenian Sailing Federation.

Lin’s prowess isn’t confined to domestic waters; she’s made waves on the international stage as well. Achievements like her 7th place finish at the World Cup in Almere, Netherlands, showcase her competitive spirit and skill. However, Lin’s eyes are firmly fixed on the ultimate prize – Olympic glory.

As Lin sets sail for the 2024 Summer Olympics, her journey is marked by rigorous training camps and grueling competitions across the globe. From the World Championship in Argentina to the European Championship in Greece, and culminating in the grand spectacle of the Olympic Games in Paris, Lin’s determination knows no bounds.

In the vast expanse of the ocean, Lin’s story serves as a beacon of passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of Olympic dreams. And as she navigates the waters ahead, she carries with her not only the hopes of a nation but also the promise of a true champion.


Multiple National Champion Titles, Laser 4.7, Laser Radial, ILCA 6 (2013-2021) EUROPEAN, WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS & IMPORANT INTERNATIONAL EVENTS

9th place, European Championship U16, Laser 4.7, Balaton (Hungary), 2013 10th place, World Championship U16, Laser 4.7, Balaton (Hungary), 2013 20th place, European Championship, Laser 4.7, Balaton (Hungary), 2013 8th place, European Championship, Laser 4.7, Moss (Norway), 2014

2nd place, European Championship U16, Laser 4.7, Moss (Norway), 2014 14th place, World Championship, Laser 4.7, Karatsu (Japan), 2014
7th place, World Championship U16, Laser 4.7, Karatsu (Japan), 2014 1st place, European Cup Italy, Laser 4.7, Malcesine (Italy), 2015

10th place, European Championship, Laser 4.7, Crozon (France), 2016
12th place, World Championship, Laser Radial U19, Medemblik (Netherlands), 2017 10th place, European Championship, Laser Radial U19, Gdynia (Poland), 2017
8th place, European Championship, Laser Radial U21, Bastaad (Sweden), 2018
30th place, Senior World Championship, ILCA 6, Al Mussanah (Oman), 2021
9th place, Mediterannean Games, ILCA 6, Oran (Algeria), 2022
7th place, World Cup, ILCA 6, Almere (Netherlands), 2023

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