Lin Pletikos begins the quest for the Olympic ticket to Paris 2024 today.

5.January.2024 –

“In the Argentinean city of Mar del Plata, the women’s world championship in the Olympic sailing class ILCA 6 began tonight with a solemn opening ceremony. Representing Slovenia is Lin Pletikos, with a total of 105 female sailors from 47 countries participating. In addition to prestigious titles for the world’s best female sailors, the world championship will also allocate Olympic berths to seven countries that do not yet have spots in this class at this year’s Olympic Games in Paris.

The first races for the sailors start today. Qualifying races will continue until Sunday, followed by the final races starting Monday. On Wednesday, January 10th, the top ten sailors will compete for medals, while the rest will have one final race.

“The conditions are quite challenging as we are sailing on the ocean, with corresponding wind strength and wave height and direction. The forecast for the championship is for moderate winds from various directions, and many sailors from larger teams are still without Olympic berths, so the competition is strong. Despite a brief illness in the last month, Lin is well-prepared. Due to the demanding conditions, we take it day by day, as consistency will be important in the end,” said her coach, Nik Pletikos.”

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