Marina Portorož

Marina Portorož in Slovenia is closely linked to Yachting Club Portorož, collaborating due to their shared focus on water activities and services.

1. Location & History

In the charming coastal town of Portorož, Marina Portorož and Yachting Club Portorož create an extraordinary yachting haven along the Adriatic Sea. Marina Portorož is a top-tier docking spot, complemented by our seamless partnership with Yachting Club Portorož. As pioneers since 1974, we blend tradition with modern trends, ensuring your coastal journey is steeped in rich maritime heritage while catering to contemporary needs.

2. Marina Facilities:

At Yachting Club Portorož, our members benefit from the extensive amenities available at Marina Portorož. From hassle-free mooring to secure boat storage, convenient fueling, and expert maintenance services, the marina serves as the perfect hub for all yachting and sailing activities. Plus, elevate your coastal experience with our comfortable room accommodations, ensuring you have everything you need for a memorable stay both on and off the water.

3. Events and Activities:

Marina Portorož may host or support various sailing events, regattas, and competitions, which can be organized in collaboration with the Yachting Club. These events can attract sailors and yachting enthusiasts from the region and beyond.

4. Member Benefits:

Yachting Club Portorož members might enjoy special privileges and discounts related to the use of Marina Portorož’s facilities and services, as part of their membership benefits.

5. Marina Portorož Restaurant

An excelent culinary experience in the hearth of the Marina with extended venues for Yachting Club events and gatherings. At Restavracija Marina, indulge in exquisite seafood dining. No more crossing roads for meals; here, enjoy breakfast delights and leisurely lunches with coastal views. Rediscover the charm of seaside fine-dining, where fresh catches meet impeccable service.