Membership Conditions

Yachting Club Portorož

1. Your Eligibility:

  • Joining our club is open to individuals aged 18 years and above who share our passion for yachting.
  • Certain membership tiers may require yacht ownership or regular access to a yacht, catering to diverse preferences within our community.

2. Application Process:

  • Begin your journey with us by completing a straightforward membership application form.
  • We understand the importance of connections, and applications may benefit from sponsorship by existing club members.
  • Rest assured, each application receives careful consideration by our membership committee or board of directors.

3. Tailored Membership Fees:

  • Our membership fees are designed to offer value and flexibility, catering to different membership tiers.
  • These fees encompass initiation charges, annual dues, and any supplementary fees for exclusive club amenities and services.
  • We prioritize transparency and may adjust fees occasionally, always with our members’ best interests in mind.

4. Exclusive Club Privileges:

  • As a valued member, you gain access to our full range of facilities, amenities, and services tailored to your chosen membership tier.
  • Enjoy perks such as access to marina facilities, participation in club events, specialized training programs, and enticing discounts on club offerings.

5. Respectful Conduct and Safety:

  • Upholding our club’s esteemed reputation and values, we expect all members to conduct themselves with integrity and respect.
  • Prioritizing safety, adherence to club rules, regulations, and safety protocols is mandatory for the well-being of all members, staff, and guests.

6. Warm Welcome for Guests:

  • We extend a warm welcome to your guests, subject to club policies and any applicable guest fees or restrictions.
  • While enjoying the club’s amenities, members are responsible for the conduct of their guests and must accompany them throughout their visit.

7. Resignation and Termination Protocols:

  • Should the need arise, members can gracefully resign from the club by providing written notice to our membership committee or management.
  • While rare, the club reserves the right to terminate membership for non-payment of dues, violations of club rules, or behavior deemed detrimental to our community’s harmony and values.

8. Transparent Amendments:

  • We believe in open communication with our members and will provide ample notice of any changes to membership conditions, fees, or privileges.
  • Your feedback is invaluable, and we encourage members to share their thoughts and suggestions to continually enhance our club’s offerings and experience.